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Parchment bags: for popcorn and en papillote

We distribute genuine vegetable parchment (GVP) bags for cooking fish en papillote, the technique for baking fish and steaming in a parchment wrapping first developed in France. Ideal for parchment-sheet cooking of fish en papillote: Creole New Orleans pompano, trout (truite), salmon, seabass, tilapia, haddock, cod, pike, flounder or sole en papillote.

The bags are also perfect for microwaving popcorn, and parchment is the safe and healthy way to microwave popcorn...

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En Papillote: Most recipes require the cook to fold and pinch sheets of cooking parchment around the food, resulting in uneven and unsightly wraps. Our parchment bag measures 14 inches long, six inches wide, and has two-inch gussets (side panels), ideal for fish or other dishes. It is available in packs of 200 or cases of 1,000.

Microwaving Popcorn in Parchment Bags: The Safe and Efficient Way for Home Use

Parchment bags are the best available way to microwave popcorn. The popcorn bags and popper preparations sold at the supermarket often contain unsafe chemicals and there has been a lot of news recently on how carcinogens and other chemicals are transferred to food when heated in microwave ovens.

"Results of a study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published in October reveal that compounds known to break down into the suspected carcinogen PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) may be served up to millions of unwitting consumers in bags of microwave popcorn. The family treat could account for more than 20% of the average PFOA levels now measured in the blood of U.S. residents."

from Environmental Science and Technology Online November 2005

Our parchment bags are made from FDA certified food-grade natural vegetable parchment, kosher-certified, and have no non-stick chemical treatments.

Genuine vegetable parchment (GVP) is fully microwaveable and is made to withstand heat, water, and grease in the cooking process. As with all paper products, excessive microwaving can cause the paper to brown and eventually both popcorn and paper will burn.

We can provide our FDA and kosher certifications faxed upon request.

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